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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Your Car’s Top Five Fluids

When you think of your car as a machine, you may or may not realize how many fluids it requires for it to operate. However, when you think of your vehicle like a human body and how that body has a number of fluids that make it operate, it’s easier to connect the dots and understand your car’s needs. That is why in this month’s blog, Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo wants to discuss your car’s top five fluids. Your vehicle has six major fluids that it requires in order to operate: Oil -- The engine oil pumps through the system, reducing friction, and carrying away debris. This fluid needs to be changed on a regular basis for the engine to perform optimally. Coolant -- This radiator fluid helps to keep the engine at the optimal temperature and prevents it from overheating. This fluid needs to be changed on a regular basis for the radiator to perform well during all weather seasons. Brake Fluid -- Without brake fluid, the hydraulics in your br ... read more


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