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Why Is Important To Winterize Your Vehicle?

Even though Southern California certainly does not experience winter like other parts of the country, it’s still a good idea to do some general winterizing for your vehicle during this time of year. It will help keep you safely driving down the I-5 and will also prepare you for those trips up to the mountains for some skiing or merely getting away this holiday season. Check your battery: colder temps can put a strain on your battery, and you sure don’t want to find out the hard way that this was the time you should have purchased a new one. Replace wiper blades and fill wiper fluids: it’s a good idea not just to use water in the colder months because that could easily freeze in your lines. And imagine driving in either a rain or snow storm with wiper blades that don’t wipe!! GAH! This is the time to change those blades! Inspect your tires and make sure you have chains if you are heading up to the mountains. There are places along the way to Tahoe or Big Bear ... read more


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