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Changes On The Horizon: The Future of Automobiles

Changes On The Horizon: The Future of Automobiles

Do you remember being a kid and seeing some of the futuristic-looking vehicles in the movies? Well, it’s kind of crazy to think that a lot of those “far-fetched” ideas have come to fruition and even crazier to take a look at what’s coming down the pike and around the bend. The future craze of the all-electric vehicle is no longer in the future. Most automakers either already have one on the market or it’s coming. Do a Google search on your favorite model with the word “hybrid” or “electric” and see what comes up.  Chevy Camaro is just one example of carmakers previously steeped in the world of gasoline are now not admitting that electric is the wave of the future, but that it can be just as powerful as anything before. Chevrolet is committed to keeping this muscle car precisely that, with V-8 options that will blow you away both on and off the track. It’s no longer “just” Tesla leading the pack, but ever ... read more


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