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Good Driving Habits

Good Driving Habits

As we move into the new decade, this is a wonderful time to reflect on habits that have served us well and maybe ones that aren’t so great. If you take a close look at your driving habits, that’s an area that we could all take the time to reflect upon and find areas that need improving.  The number one bad driving habit that most people not only complain about but also do is using your cell phone while driving. We can’t help it! We HAVE to see who called or quickly read the text that is so important. As human beings, we are wired that way. When we receive a text, it releases dopamine into our system and makes us happy. However, we won’t be happy if we end up in a ditch or worse. Slow down. Don’t be in such a hurry. Give yourself a few extra minutes so you don’t feel compelled to speed. Take a moment and breathe. Even if you are running late, let it go! It’s better to be late than to be dead. No wants a ticket either! Turns signals were ... read more


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