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How to Handle a Climbing Thermostat

How to Handle a Climbing Thermostat

Photo by N23 Club on Pixabay Mission Viejo, it is hot! We can’t say we are surprised, not logically. Summertime is scorching in California, and Mission Viejo can be one of the hotter spots on the map. However, each year it seems like the heat feels a bit warmer, and sometimes it feels like there’s no summer like the one we’re having.   A big reason that you may feel hotter this summer than last is because of your vehicle. Try to think back and remember the last time you got your A/C looked at, or think back to a time when your car wasn’t quite that hot during your morning commute. If you recognize through some reflection that your car might be making the heat worse, we’ve got some tips for you. Some Easy Heat Wave Tips As Californians, we all have our own go-to heat beating tricks. If you’re new here or ... read more


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