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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Which is Cheaper? Maintaining Your Current Vehicle or Buying a New Car?

It can be a tough decision when trying to figure out whether the smart move is to keep your old car and invest in having repairs done or whether it is time to invest in a new car. When you see all the latest technology that comes out every year, and especially what’s new in keeping you and your family safe, it can be hard to remain happy with what is already in your garage. One of the first things to consider is the impact either decision will have on your finances.   Keep in mind that buying new isn’t always going to be what will cost you the most. Sometimes repairs are so extensive that it’s just not worth putting the money into fixing your vehicle. Something else, though, that can have a direct impact on the financial side of your decision is to compare how much you are spending on gas in your current vehicle vs. what you will spend on the new car you’re out test driving. You might be shocked to find that the money you spend on gas every month could be ... read more


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