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Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Get Your Car Ready for Summer

The weather is getting hot, you have your summer vacation planned out, and you just purchased some new summer attire. You think you’re all set for summer and ready to soak up the sun. You forgot one thing though; getting your car ready for all your spontaneous summer adventures! Start by taking your car in for an oil change. By getting your oil changed now means you can hop in your car and take a day trip at any time without having to worry about your oil. Have you checked out your tires recently? Tires help with your car's performance and safety. You can take your vehicle in to get them inspected or do it at home by looking for any bubbles, low air, or visible wear and tear. Get your tires rotated and replaced if needed. Don’t forget your spare tire, it’s the hero without a cape when you get a flat tire; make sure it's in great condition too.  Warmer weather usually means people are driving a bit faster than they did in the winter which means your brak ... read more


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