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The Truth about Air Conditioning Issues

The Truth about Air Conditioning Issues

Photo by Obi on Unsplash The Truth About Air Conditioning Issues Summertime is nearly here, so it’s time we told you the truth about air conditioning issues: they can be pretty tricky to figure out at first glance. There are many moving parts and pieces to your vehicle's air conditioner. As if the AC system wasn’t complex enough, the climate of your car also has a lot to do with other parts in your car.    In fact, sometimes, an air conditioning issue has more to do with your air filters or your radiator. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth considering. Most commonly, you’re going to find that an AC issue has something to do with one of the following: AC System Leak. Other symptoms of this problem include a hissing sound and hot air coming out of your system even when you have the AC turned to cold.  AC Pressure Switch Issue ... read more


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