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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Family-Friendly Road Trip Games

This is the time of year for family road trips. More people are out on the roads than any other time of year, as much as 25% more! Be prepared for delays and traffic. There’s nothing worse than a long road trip with nothing to do. Aside from all the safety tips for traveling, it’s almost as important to have your road-trip-games at the ready. Sanity is just as important as safety on any travel expedition. Here are a number of fun games to get you started: During the holiday season is a good time for this one… calling out ‘decorations’ as each passenger sees a holiday-decorated house or vehicle. Keep track of who says it first the most number of times and at the end of your trip, that’s your winner. Who can correctly identify the make of a vehicle around you? This is a great game if there are multiple car lovers along for the ride. If you’re really good, you can up it to the next level to see who can identify the correct models too! I spy w ... read more


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