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Why Drive a Ford or Chevy?

Why Drive a Ford or Chevy?

Usually, when you bring up Ford and Chevy in the same breath, you are invoking the longtime feud between truck owners over which General Motors ‘make’ is the better of the two. Even ion their sports cars, there is a longstanding rivalry that evokes the Hatfields and McCoys-- and often from the same quarters. Instead of stoking the fire of that feud, today, we’re looking at the virtues of both. At Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo, California, we see plenty of Fords and Chevys for repair. And although we service all manner of cars at our shop, we haven’t seen a significant factor to claim one type is better than the other, nor can we say if they are better (or worse) than the Japanese, Asian, or European models we also service. All cars have their virtues and failings… we’re here to extol the virtues of Ford and Chevy! These cars are so similar though-- dark mirrors of each other-- that it’s hard not to compare and contrast t ... read more


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