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Back To School Tune-Up

Back To School Tune-Up

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College students and parents are getting ready for another school year. With all of the hustle and bustle of getting school supply lists checked off and dorm rooms set up (or prepping your carpool for another year of hauling little ones), car maintenance is the last thing anyone wants to worry about. However, it's one of those back-to-school essentials--I'd argue it's more important than pencils! 

Most families are used to doing a quick once-over of their car–but sometimes it's a good idea to have a professional give you a tune-up. 

Most families are used to doing a quick once-over of their car, but sometimes it's a good idea to have a professional look at some important systems in the car. You can't see everything going on under the hood, and even if you have the right tools, you may not know what to do if something goes wrong.


Here are some car repairs any family should consider - even if it isn't time for it in your maintenance schedule: 

  • Oil change. Oil changes must frequently happen because they ensure your engine and vehicle run smoothly. 
  • Fluid flush. To help you get the most out of your vehicle, don’t forget to get your fluids flushed, replaced, or topped off at regular intervals. If you don’t remember the last time this was done, it’s time to do it again. 
  • Tire pressure check. There are few things worse than being stuck in the back of the carpool lane with a flat–make sure to check your tire pressure each morning leading up to the big first day of school and see if something is amiss. 
  • Tire rotation. Tire rotation is one of the most important things you can do for your tires. It helps to even out the wear on your tires and lengthen their life span.
  • A/C check. If you do not take care of your A/C system, you may be prolonging problems that can cost you a lot of money. To avoid this, you get an A/C check on your vehicle so that any potential problems can be detected early on for them not to become serious issues later on down the road.

We can give you a tune-up here at Larry’s Independent Service!

At Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo, CA, our team of ASE-Certified auto technicians is here to help your back-to-school to-do list feel like a breeze. You can click on this embedded link to schedule an appointment, and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for news and updates. We’re located at 25721 Taladro Circle Unit A, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, and we’re open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.


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