Car Service

Fall Cleaning

Just like your home, cleaning for the season is going to help you feel better and potentially help protect your car for the incoming weather changes from the summer seasons. There are some every season things we can do just to make our rides more comfortable, but there are some fall specific cleaning we can do to really extend the life of our car’s performance.
A couple of simple things we can do to help our car is to regularly clean of debris like twigs, leaves, and muck. This is really going to extend the life of your windshield wipers, but it is also going to help protect you and keep your visibility clear. Fall means it gets darker and the weather isn’t always pleasant. Speaking of windshield wipers, don’t forget to check them and change them if needed, this will also help ensure your visibility is the best it can be.
Many folks don’t always consider going to get the car washed if we’re potentially seeing poor weather coming up, but something to look into before the incoming of nastier weather is when you’re getting your maintenance done, to get a wash and wax. Waxing your car is not just to make it look spiffier, in fact, it will help protect your car from the elements. Those simple things, like the leaves we’re cleaning off, can do more damage over time than we typically imagine!
Along with protecting the body of your car, think about the interior! Detailing the interior of your car is also going to help protect its longevity. Fall and winter can be rough on fabric with all the debris being pulled in, but if you have leather, you’re looking at a potential for it to dry out and for cracking to occur. 
Finally, an area of our car that we don’t typically think about for detailing is the tires! Your tires the brunt of what the road throws at your car and protecting them will help them last longer and keep you safe by making sure they’re working at top condition. Finding a polish for your tires will help make them look good but will also protect them against the changing weather of Fall and Winter.
When you’re in need of auto repair or ongoing maintenance services for your vehicle, come by Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo, CA and we will help make sure everything is running smoothly. Make your appointment today! 



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