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How to Handle a Climbing Thermostat

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Mission Viejo, it is hot! We can’t say we are surprised, not logically. Summertime is scorching in California, and Mission Viejo can be one of the hotter spots on the map. However, each year it seems like the heat feels a bit warmer, and sometimes it feels like there’s no summer like the one we’re having.


A big reason that you may feel hotter this summer than last is because of your vehicle. Try to think back and remember the last time you got your A/C looked at, or think back to a time when your car wasn’t quite that hot during your morning commute. If you recognize through some reflection that your car might be making the heat worse, we’ve got some tips for you.

Some Easy Heat Wave Tips

As Californians, we all have our own go-to heat beating tricks. If you’re new here or just need some more for your repertoire, we want to remind you:

  1. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!
  2. Sunblock won’t cool you down, but it’ll prevent the heat that comes from a sunburn.
  3. Freeze anything you can to make your popsicles–you can freeze applesauce, yogurt, and even chicken broth for your dogs!
  4. Recognize the symptoms of overheating and heat stroke, and know your plan if someone is displaying the symptoms. This video gives an important warning about why you should never leave your child in a car and also gives some information about what heatstroke looks like in children. 
  5. Never keep your pets or children in the car while you run into the store, even if the window is cracked.


When it comes to your car, things get a little more technical. 

Handling The Heat In Your Car

If the thermostat in your car keeps on climbing, turn on your A/C and observe what’s coming out of the vent. Even after ten minutes, your A/C likely needs some work if it's warm air. It would help if you saw a professional, who might find that your coolant is low, there’s a coolant leak, or something else within your A/C system needs work.


In the meantime, before you can get to the mechanic, keep cold water bottles in your car and park in shady spots. Getting a sun visor for your windshield can make a huge difference, and sometimes driving with the windows down will give a little relief. 

See Us If There’s Something Amiss

Of course, these tips can only go so far. You should get into the mechanic as soon as possible. If you’ve noticed your AC is shot and you can’t get to work comfortably, or you have your kids sweating in the back seat, see us at Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo. We’ll take a look and help you beat the heat. 


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