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How to Love Your Car - 5 Areas of Your Vehicle That Could Use a Little Love

Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo knows how much you love your car. That’s why we don’t want you to neglect showing it some love this Valentine’s Day. Imagine a day without your car and how bummed you would be if that were the case. Now is the time to show your car a little love. You can never go wrong doing so and will always reap the benefits. Here are 5 ways you can show that love this Valentine’s Day: 

  1. Take time to check all of your car’s fluids. Each one contributes to keeping your vehicle running at its best. You’ll want all fluids to be at optimal levels and clear of dirt and debris. 
  2. Tires are often neglected, but when cared for can significantly improve your fuel efficiency as well as properly grip the road and even help you stop in time. The way to help your tires wear down evenly is to have them regularly rotated, aligned, and air pressure kept at the right levels of inflation.
  3. All the belts and hoses should be regularly checked for proper fitting as well as for wear and tear. Your serpentine belt alone is key to keeping your alternator and water pump doing their jobs right. 
  4. Filters matter. Both the engine and cabin air filters have important jobs. One is to keep harmful contaminants out of the cabin so you’re not breathing in toxins. The other is to keep excess debris from entering your engine and causing damage. 
  5. Dead batteries are never fun. Have them checked regularly and keep an eye on how old yours is to avoid having it die on you at an inopportune time. 

Show your vehicle some love this Valentine's Day. When you’re in need of auto repair or ongoing maintenance services for your vehicle, stop into to see the well-qualified auto mechanics at Larry’s Independent Service in Mission Viejo, CA and we will help make sure everything is running smoothly. Make your appointment today!


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