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Organize Your Vehicle All Year Long!

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash


Do you have cleats in your backseat? A winter jacket you wore when you visited Colorado over the holidays on the floor of your car? Tissues, tissues everywhere?! You’re not alone. So many struggle with keeping their vehicles organized, especially in times of stress, chaos, and general busyness. 


By establishing a consistent and organized system in your car, you can have the confidence to drive anywhere at any time without fear of being unprepared. Your car should feel like home and can be with the right tools! Below, I list some of my four favorite tips that anyone can use to keep their car more organized and clean all year long!

Keep Cleaning Supplies In The Car (Or In Easy Reach)

Ever seen something sticky, icky, or all-around weird on your dashboard and thought, “hmm…I’ll get to that later.”, just to find yourself thinking the same thing a week later? 


I swear by having easy-to-reach, car-specific cleaning supplies in your vehicle. You can keep a handy little tote in your trunk or just store travel-size wipes in your middle or dashboard compartment to quickly grab and use when you’re parked. I also love the goop balls that can pick up lint or dirt in hard-to-reach places. Having one of these on hand can help you keep your car clean with minimal effort!

Get A Trash Bin

If your car doesn’t have a trash bin, it becomes a trash bin. I’ve been guilty of using the cupholder or side compartments to store receipts, empty cups, or tissues I swear I’ll throw out when I reach my destination. Having a designated trash bin will keep you from throwing things in random places, thus saving you from having to distinguish trash from clutter.

Organize Your Glove Compartment 

An organized glove compartment makes a huge difference when you’re looking for something that’s supposed to be in your vehicle, such as wipes, tissues, or registration papers (especially if you get pulled over!). Organizing your papers and supplies in tiny baskets, bags, or folders can help organize your glove compartment and make finding things more accessible. 

Create Storage For Consistent Messes

Is there something you always leave in your car, even though you shouldn’t? This could be your kid's soccer shoes, after-work high-heels, or even coats or jackets. 


If you do have something you constantly have to declutter from your vehicle into a random spot in your house just to carry it back out, why not just make a spot for it in your car? Little milk-crate-sized containers in your trunk or even a tote can help your mess disappear and give you a place to put your consistent messes. 

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