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The Car That Got Away

Photo by Fritz_the_Cat on Pixabay


Do you remember The One That Got Away? 


With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought that we’d take a look at some unrequited loves in our lives– those cars that we always had a fascination for but never had the money to purchase when they were new. These dream vehicles linger on in our imaginations, taking us back to a simpler time in our lives when we first dreamed of a car of our own.


A friend of mine wished to own an MG convertible all of his days. Another has always had a deep love for the Pontiac Fiero, despite knowing that they are impractical deathtraps. Another has a deep-seated passion for the 300 series of Mercedes-Benz. And I’ve met many fans of old Volkswagens, particularly Volkswagen buses. Everyone seems to have their primal preference, short or long, skinny or roomy. Some have never felt so connected to a car, but for those of us who truly love cars, there always seems to be that one perfect (in our memory) car that we’ll always desire.


The question is: what’s stopping you from getting your dream car now?


The pandemic has forced many of us to find new hobbies, as sports have become something we watch on television more than attend. One of the most rewarding hobbies we know is to find a beat-up version of The One That Got Away and restore it to vitality and strength. To work on it, piece by piece, until the first victorious ride, fully functional again. 


If you have the time and are saving money due to a lack of other group activities, try looking into trading magazines and websites. Websites like can find cars for sale near you. Car restoration is not an inexpensive hobby, but it’s about chasing a dream. Getting the car of your dreams, at last, is a definite bucket list item that we hope all car lovers can cross off their list someday.


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