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The Monster We Ignore

Photo byTobias Tullius and Drew Tilk onUnsplash (composite by Christopher Hooker)


Do you enjoy the suspense and dread of a Stephen King book? Or the growing fear in a classic horror film like The Innocents? These films, and some of the best horror films ever, employ a technique called ‘Hesitancy’. It extrapolates the same kind of journey that you might take if you began to see evidence of a ghost but questioned whether you were experiencing a real event or hallucinating. 


At first, you might dismiss the book falling off the shelf, or the door slamming with no open windows, or even a shadow moving through the room because your logical side is telling you that you are fine and things are as they usually are. Perhaps your fear is using that logic to get you to ignore the growing danger of a ghost. 


Then perhaps the signs will increase and darken. In horror films, by the time the hero gets around to admitting they are under supernatural attack, it is already too late. Dark forces have gathered and the hero must face the terror alone.


Your car will behave just like a haunted house if you ignore it. As troubles grow, your vehicle will begin to share its own rattles, moans, and creaks as it tries to tell you that you need to act soon. The squeal of a brake pad losing its shoe, the wail of a suspension that has been damaged and is barely holding on, the ghastly smell of an air conditioner with a bad compressor-- these are all signs of your car telling you to act soon. 


But you hesitate to act-- repairs have costs and there are big holidays coming up soon. If you want to survive a horror film, you must pay attention to the signs and admit you see the ghost, and confront the spirit courageously. If you want your car to survive, you must confront the problem. Spend a little now to avoid spending a lot more when your vehicle’s systems begin to shut down from the damage. 


This is the essence of Preventative Maintenance. And while we’re happy to fix a car with lots of damage done, your car will last much longer if you pay heed to the warnings and call in your exorcist-- err, auto mechanic-- while you can. We’re here to make the bad noises go away! 


If your car needs a tune-up, schedule an appointment with Larry’s Independent Service. You can click on this embedded link to schedule an appointment. Or feel free to call us at (949) 238-6633. We’re located at 25721 Taladro Circle Unit A, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, and we’re open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.


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