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Valentine’s Day for Your Car

Most of the planet has a deep love affair with our car. It gives us freedom, joy, and can certainly make us feel powerful. It even give us the illusion of control. There aren’t too many things in life that can give us all of that. They don’t talk back, they don’t argue, and they never tell us we look fat in those jeans we love. There’s a lot to be said about just how special our relationship is with our car and that’s why we should take time to woo our car this Valentine season.

Thank goodness it doesn’t take much to make them happy! You even need to bring flowers, but here are a few suggestions:

A lovely bottle of wine: Or in the for your darling auto,  simple oil change goes a long way in making your car feel loved. Much like a nice bottle of wine for your human counterpart, just the right oil can make all the difference in the world. AND help your beloved run well and stay healthy.


Spa day: A good washing that includes the undercarriage. (Undercarriage is such a great word and yet, it’s hardly used!) Who doesn’t love a spa day? Getting into those usually ignored cracks and crevices can make your car feel extra special.


A new pair of shoes: New shoes can make a gal feel saucy. And loved. So imagine how your car will feel when you buy it a new set of tires? She’ll be rarin’ to go and better equipped to hug the curves of the open road.


A new coat: Slipping on a coat that feels made just-for-you is a wonderful feeling. You feel cozy and protected. Your darling car will feel much the same when you outfit her in a new car cover to help protect her when you can’t park her inside.


Chiropractic care: Proper alignment goes a long way in making for a safe, smooth ride. Everyone can use a good alignment from time-to-time and that does not exclude your car that truly deserves your love and attention.

All of these Valentine ideas go far in showing appreciation to your valued vehicle and for the role she plays in getting you where you need to go every day as well as providing you a few simple pleasures in life. Now, don’t forget about your human Valentine as there is no need to make him/her jealous! Any one of these ideas would make for a lovely Valentine’s Day present for your human sweetheart too!


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