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What Happens When the Check Engine Light Appears?

What is it about that light that causes our blood pressure to spike when we see it shine on our dash? What a feeling of dread is caused as we wonder what this unexpected cost will be. 
If you are curious about what could be causing this pesky light to turn on, read on!
When a dash light turns on, it lets you know that there has been a signal sent from the emission system. The emission system on your car is closely linked to your engine, which is why this same system triggers the check engine light.
Your first step when your check engine light turns on is to check your fuel cap. If the vapor system detects a leak, the check engine light on your dash will shine. If this is the issue, merely tightening your fuel cap will make the light go off on your dash. 
There are many reasons for a check engine light to illuminate. If the light only turns on when you are driving on the freeway, and shuts off when you are on the side streets, you will want to let your mechanic know this critical detail. It can save you money when it is in for diagnosis and repair. 
If your check engine light stays on, this means you will have weak engine or emission performance. Sometimes this means you will be using more fuel or causing a minor carbon build-up within the engine. Over time this can create a more significant issue; this means that your vehicle may have a large repair bill if the problem is not diagnosed and repaired in a timely fashion. 
If you check engine light turns on and continues to blink while you are driving, your car urgently needs service and should not be driven. A steady blinking check engine light is an indication that something serious is going on with your vehicle, which will soon cause a major engine repair if you continue to drive the vehicle.
If your check engine light is on, you can trust our certified auto mechanics at Larry's Independent Service to help you save money and time with quality repairs. When you're in need of auto repair or ongoing maintenance for your vehicle, stop in to see the well-qualified auto mechanics at Larry's Independent Service in Mission Viejo, CA, and we will help make sure everything is running smoothly. Make your appointment today!



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